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Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Best Value

    6 sessions plan

    Every 2 months
    Working on a specific goal
    Valid for 4 months
    • 6 sessions X 45-60 mins
    • Tax included
  • 6 Sessions Plan

    Ideal for career transition
    Valid for 6 months
    • 6 X 60mins-75mins sessions
    • Successful career transition
    • Finding the right direction & industry
    • Confidence building, accountability & support
    • Better fulfilment in your career
    • Goals and values analysis
    • Co-created action plan to get you to your goals
    • Ongoing email support
    • CV rewrite included - worth 399!
    • Tax included
    • Instalment plan available - please reach out to discuss
  • Power Career Boost

    One-off career consultation - perfect for job-hunters
    • Unique skills discussion
    • CV/Resume Review - Feedback on your CV
    • Your Executive Summary "Elevator Pitch" discussion
    • Feel more confident in your interviews - understand your USP
    • 60 mins session
    • Understand how to position yourself to be more successful
    • Tax included
  • Your New CV

    CV re-write or LinkedIn - Make yourself stand out!
    • Make your CV stand out against the competition
    • Understand your unique skills
    • Impress your interviewers
    • Increase your call-backs for interviews
    • Get one step closer to the job you want
    • Get headhunted by companies and executive search consultants
    • Get a better job & increase your pay
    • Get better working conditions - benefits/flexibility etc
    • Advice and recommendations included
    • CV or LinkedIn - ask for discount if you want both
    • Keyword analysis - to bypass ATS
    • Tax included
  • Life Coaching

    Every month
    Perfect for non-work related goals
    Valid for 6 months
    • 6 x 45mins - 60 mins sessions
    • 1:2:1 package specially created for you, unique to you!
    • Ongoing support
    • Ongoing guidance
    • If needed, extra advice & consulting
    • Get to your goals faster
    • Accelerate your learning & personal development
    • Email support between sessions & 6 worksheets included
    • Change your life for the better
    • Get unstuck in your life
    • Become empowered, self-sufficient, confident
    • Tax included
  • 2 hrs Mock Interview

    Every week
    Perfect to brush up on your interview skills and get the job
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • 2 x 1 hour mock interview sessions
    • Feedback - verbal & written for each session
    • You will receive a list of tailored questions for the role
    • Understand how to best answer & impress interviewers
    • Build your confidence in interviewing
    • Support & guidance on how to stand out
    • Improve your answers and increase your chances!
    • Feel less stressed during the interviews
    • Impress your interviewers
    • Real interview simulation - gain more confidence
    • Be significantly more prepared
    • Get a better job, increase your pay etc
    • Using specific AI technology to up-level your communications
  • Executive Coaching

    +5 € Administrative set-up fee
    Personalised sessions for Senior Leaders needing coaching
    Valid for 9 months
    • Personalised executive coaching specific to your needs
    • Develop further learning and discovery
    • Become a better leader
    • Have more confidence in your new position
    • Deal with change management better
    • Become more influential in your organisation
    • Achieve extraordinary results
    • Improve your performance
    • Improve performance of your team
    • Increase your own productivity & that of your team
    • Engagement is bespoke to your needs
    • 9 to 14 sessions over 6 to 9 months
  • Career Coaching (Group Programme)

    Every week
    +5 € Joining Fee
    Career Coaching programme- supportive & more affordable
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Career Coaching - in a group setting, more affordable
    • Take the courageous steps needed in a supportive group
    • Gain clarity, control and fulfilment in your career goals
    • Determine your negotiables & non-negotiables
    • 5 X Live Master Classes with the group
    • 2 Personalised Coaching sessions
    • Worksheets and homework in between sessions
    • Free CV review & LinkedIn Optimisation (Worth 317 Euros)
    • Create, execute and work through your action-plan
    • Starts 31st January and runs for 6 weeks
    • Coaching, visualisation & positive psychology techniques
    • Limited to 8 participants only! Apply today
  • "Sort it"

    Every week
    Better if you have a smaller challenge to tackle
    Valid for 3 weeks
    • 3 X 1 hour coaching sessions
    • We work on a specific topic that you want addressed quickly
    • You are clear on what you want to work on (a specific goal)
    • 2 weeks of email support after the Intensive package
    • 1 X 30mins follow up Zoom call after the end of the 2 weeks
  • The Elevator Pitch

    Finally position yourself well in interviews
    • Tell me about yourself - ever struggled with this question?
    • Learn how to describing your skills & unique strength
    • Learn how to position yourself well in interviews & network
    • Increase your self-confidence
    • Understand your unique skill-set and how to sell it
    • Increase confidence by 50%
    • Get noticed by recruiters, hiring managers and future bosses
    • Verbal feedback given on your pitch
    • Written feedback on your pitch for you to use as reference
    • AI tool used to improve your verbal communication skills!
    • Increase your chances of getting your dream job

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Payment Plans Available please reach out to discuss

Join other happy customers

Still unsure how I can help you? Read below and join my community of happy customers

Alex S. Customer Success Director, tech- startup.

 General Coaching


"Magda is a fantastic resource. Very helpful. Balanced approach made me more confident, but also gave me tips to help me improve. 100% worth it"
"We had 6 sessions in total,  and to be honest, I was actually amazed how much progress I made. I had to change my mindset about a personal issue regarding my own self-worth, which I realised through the coaching impacted all areas of my life. The coaching received helped me CHANGE how I thought about myself and my limitations - and was worth the investment" Anonymous client at Hubspot

 Career Coaching


Anna M, Marketing Associate, London

"5 stars for the sessions with Magda. I picked Magda because she specialized in hiring certain positions to include product marketers. Her feedback was both helpful and effective -- After implementing her feedback I'm getting more InMails from recruiters. She also sent questions that helped me improve my introductory pitch and provided insight into what questions I might expect. I highly recommend her."
"Magda provided nutrient-rich career coaching feedback, ensuring that our engagements were meaningful to me as the client and represented time well spent. They provided valuable insight on how to stand out within hiring pools as well as entering into new market sectors. Magda's depth of experience within the greater Talent Recruitment sector is evident through every interaction. 5/5 Will be recommending Magda's services to my colleagues."

 Career Coaching


Ryan Theroux, Project Manager, Amazon 

 Interview Coaching


UX Writer at Software Company, Barcelona

"Magda was instrumental in helping me identify clear objectives in improving my interview skills. Her experience as a FAANG recruiter & coach worked wonders in helping me tweak my long-winded answers. She guided me in rephrasing my answers succinctly and clearly to ensure I am efficient in conveying my abilities (STAR method) in prep for a META/Facebook interview. Not only that, she has been extremely empathetic and supportive, giving me lots of encouragement and supporting me beyond my journey, by following up constantly and helping me network to achieve my career goals. All in all, I highly recommend Magda, as she is not only truly great at interview prep, but she is above all a genuinely amazing coach. Absolutely lovely to deal with! Completely worth the 90-minute call!"

 Interview Coaching


Alison, Chicago, Marketing Director at University of Chicago Business School

"A very supportive, experienced coach who will help you feel more confident with your job search materials and interview skills. She helped me adjust my resume to get more callbacks from top companies. She also worked with me to ensure interview answers were to-the-point, while also conveying my unique strengths. Thank you, Magda!"

 Life Coaching


Director of Customer Success, META

"I always wanted to work on my own "personal development" but found myself that I would get extremely distracted or demotivated. I never understood why. Coaching through these issues with Magda helped me understand what was stopping me, and it was some of my internalised beliefs. It was very eye-opening to experience coaching and I never felt judged, I felt very supported. To this day I find the sessions changed my approach to self-improvement and I'd made significant changes in my work and family life" 

CV Rewrite


Joanna W, Miami, Head of Product Marketing, at AI start-up

“Magda is very knowledgeable & helped make the most important content of my resume pop out and even provided advise with the general interview pitch. She made wonders! She also provided insight into what kinds of questions they ask during the interview specific to my position. I highly recommend her to any professional in tech.”
Elevator Pitch


"1) I entered the session expecting to work on my personal pitch and we did just that! I also got some additional things to think about regarding my career path. 

2) I learned that I often downplay my past experiences during my pitch which undermines my message. This was extremely helpful and my pitching skills are better for it. 

3) At the end of the session I was grateful for the pitching practice and a good reset that my skills are indeed good for my current position." 

 Sharon, Tech Recruiter in the Bay Area
​"Magda offers a wide range of coaching services from standing out on your LinkedIn profile and resume to session plans to achieve your goals and career transition. Creating an Elevator Pitch was a game-changer for me as I had to dig deep into who I am professionally and how I can contribute to an organisation as a project manager. With my Elevator Pitch, I can confidently advocate for myself during an interview process. 

She possesses a combination of expertise, empathy, and a genuine passion for helping others succeed. What truly sets them apart is their ability to tailor strategies and advice to fit my unique circumstances and goals. They provided invaluable insights, encouragement, and support every step of the way.

As a result, I’ve landed interviews from organisations of my top choices and gained a new kind of confidence that will serve me throughout my career.If you are looking to take your job search and your career to the next level, Magda is the coach to work with. Through their coaching approach, they are a trusted mentor who genuinely cares about your success. I am immensely grateful for their guidance and cannot thank them enough for the positive impact they have had on my job search journey."
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