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My mission is to empower people and teams to reach their full potential in their lives and careers through  coaching. The only limits are those we put on ourselves - I help unlock these and get you to your goals faster.

Magda Cheang Career Coach


My vision is simple - it is that professionals in the technology space are empowered, fulfilled and living better lives. By changing your mindset, you can make transformational shifts in your life and finally live according to your values.

Coaching Methods

A bit about what I do...

I've trained with Full Circle Global, which runs ICF accredited coach training programmes.

I have undergone extensive training and adhere to ICF training requirements, ethics and procedures. 

The methodology is based on developing an inner transformation within the client to enable them to complete "transactional" actions - ultimately, a change in mindset, paradigm and sometimes values to bring about and manifest significant change and the ability to reach goals - both in your career & life.

I also use elements of Positive Psychology to help manifest change and improve performance with my clients.

My previous educational background includes:

Bachelor of Law (LLB) 

Legal Practice Course at City University, London.

I have global experience working in London, Berlin & Amsterdam across a variety of tech companies and have worked at "FAANG" companies as well as smaller start-ups.

How I work

Personalised 1-2-1 coaching packages using a proven results driven framework taking you from stuck and overwhelmed to clear, excited and motivated for your new chapter

Each coaching package is entirely bespoke - to you and your needs


EmPATHY & Confidentiality

I create a safe space where you can be vulnerable and open - with empathy and a no-judgement zone.

Everything we discuss will be confidential.


Having a safe space will allow you the  opportunity to reflect deeply and help you move forwards towards your goals.

When was the last time you dedicated time 100% to your own personal growth?

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It won't be enough to say that after the coaching journey you have reached your goal(s) due to your investment in awareness and learning.


I will help to guide you to ensure you can sustain  change to bring positive changes into other areas of your life.

Successful coaching will mean that other areas of your life will improve significantly.

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Challenge & Support & GROWTH

I will help you uncover and challenge your mindset, remove self-limiting beliefs and overcome obstacles.


We will work together on this journey, you have to be ready to  work outside of your comfort zone.


Having a growth mindset will be key to success.

I will challenge your thinking and you must be comfortable with that.

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