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Feeling stuck in your career or life? Let me help you change that!

Hi, I'm Magda Cheang. I'm a career, executive & personal development coach. I help people & teams reach their fullest potential.


About Me
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Before coaching, I spent 13 years working in tech companies in London, Amsterdam and Berlin in talent acquisition, employer branding, diversity & inclusion; working on global scaling projects for companies such as Facebook, Zoom & many others. Prior to that I worked in law firms in London & Singapore. With a global mindset I have lived in Singapore, Germany, Russia, the UK. I work with clients all over the globe.


Seeing people succeed has always brought me immense satisfaction and was part of my DNA in my day job. My experience in Diversity & Inclusion sparked a big passion for helping Women in Tech succeed in their careers and lives. 


My goal as a coach is to empower people to achieve their fullest potential in their careers and their lives.


I've helped thousands of people in find more fulfilment in their careers, increase their income, and plan to do this for many more years. 



Currently Booking New Coaching Clients For January 2024 & Onwards 

Curious about that I can do for you? 

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Life Coaching for People iN Tech



Business Executive


You could be working in a tech start-up, SaaS company or "Big Tech"  company.

Does the following describe you?

  • You are ready to invest in your own personal growth

  • You want to go on a journey of self-discovery

  • You want a partner, coach and supporter to help you achieve your goals

  • You want meaningful change in your life and are excited to move forwards towards your goals and aspirations

  • You want to improve your performance at work and fulfilment in life

  • You want to have better relationships at work but also in your personal life

  • You find you have too many obstacles, limiting beliefs or a lack of time to fulfil your desires 

  • You want to become a better leader 

You could be working in a tech start-up, SaaS company or "Big Tech" company.

Does the following describe you?

  • You feel like your career is stagnating and are demotivated

  • You see others around you succeed and are unable to move to the next step of your career

  • You have a new role and feel overwhelmed and have a sense of 'imposter syndrome'

  • You are burnt out and disengaged and want more spark in your career

  • You're emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted - and want to get off the "hamster wheel"

  • You want to transition outside of the tech industry

  • You have relocated for your role  & are struggling with the transition

  • You want to get a promotion & a pay-rise but are unsure about how to go about it

  • You are ready to invest time & money for your future self and to reap the rewards

You could be working in a tech start-up, SaaS company or "Big Tech" company as an Executive

Does the following describe you?

  • You have recently become an executive /C-level  and are struggling with the transition

  • Your team is undergoing change - restructuring, aggressive growth or other changes

  • You want to build more effective teams and relationships within your organisation

  • You are dealing with complex organisational or business challenges

  • You've recently joined as a new leader at a new organisation or department and need to build trust 

  • You need someone to help with accountability, strategic, emotional and mental support

  • Your company does not provide you with executive coaching and you want to invest it in yourself. 

Magda was an excellent coach, she helped me get clarity on my  career goals and enabled me to understand my values and the path forward. Without her, I'd be stuck. I had been feeling unhappy for many years with very little direction. 100% worth the investment

Louise B, London, Head of Marketing

Let's Talk

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Lao Tzu

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