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How to Reflect on 2023 as Part of Your Personal Development

You may have already ordered a pumpkin latte from Starbucks if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere…and perhaps are about to attend your company’s holiday party.

But have you taken some time to reflect in 2023? Reflection is an important practice for any personal development journey.

Personal Development
Reflecting on 2023

December is a natural time to slow down and take stock of 2023.  Taking the time to reflect on your year so far, any lessons you have learnt and your biggest obstacles is a powerful way to gain insight on what you’ve achieved so far, and what you plan to do in 2024.

Here are some actional tips on how to reflect on 2023 as part of your personal development

Write things in a Journal: Time to go analogue. In today’s digital world, it’s time to take out a pen to paper and sit quietly with a notebook or journal and jot down some key moments for 2023. What achievements, challenges and lessons did you learn?

Some questions you can ask:

  • What am I most proud of this year?

  • What was an unexpected challenge this year?

  • How would I review the different areas in my life? (Career, Relationships, Health, Spirituality, Finances etc)

  • What was the most enjoyable project at work?

  • What do I want to do more of?

  • What do I want to do less of?

  • What are the biggest lessons I learnt?

  • What would I do differently?

  • Who supported me/ who didn’t support me?

  • What behaviors should I continue and what behaviors should I stop?

  • What were the most useful resources you had?

  • What are you thankful for this year?

  • What did you leave unfinished?

  • What was the best compliment you received?

  • If you were to talk about this year like a story, how would you write it?

  • How do you describe this year in 3 to 5 keywords?

Don’t want to use an entire list of questions? Reflect on your year using the following themes: 

Celebrate Accomplishments:  What are you proud of? What did you accomplish this year? Celebrating wins, no matter how big or small, will boost your confidence. Take the time to actually acknowledge what you have achieved and the progress you’ve made, either personally or professionally.

Learn from Challenges: What obstacles did you face? What setbacks did you face? Consider what you learn from these situations and how they have shaped you. Were there any lessons that could contribute to your personal growth and resilience?

Evaluate Goals: Review the goals you set for the year. Did you achieve them? If not, why? Assessing your goals helps you understand what worked, what didn't, and why certain goals may not have been met. Use this insight to refine your goal-setting approach for the coming year.

Identify Patterns and Themes: Take a look at your experiences this year and look for any patterns of themes. They could be related to personal growth, relationships, career or any other aspect. Once you identify patterns, this can help you recognise where you should focus your energy, or what you should try to work on (for example, self-doubt, burnout)

Express Gratitude:  Studies have shown that gratitude actually improves your happiness. So take some time to express your gratitude for things that came your way in 2023. Did you meet interesting people, receive someone's generous time or come across opportunities or learn lessons?

Set Goals for 2024:  Based on your reflections, consider what you want to prioritize or focus on in the upcoming year. Set intentions or goals that align with your reflections and aspirations for personal and professional growth.

Reflecting on 2023 will help you gain insights that will guide you towards a better future. You can enter 2023 with a clearer vision and renewed motivation for the future.

If one of your goals is personal development, and you need some help, feel free to reach out for a no-obligation chemistry call to talk about coaching and how it helps you achieve both personal and professional goals.

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