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5 Signs You May Need a Coach

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

All kinds of people have coaches. Athletes have sports coaches, business leaders engage coaches for executive coaching, and people from all walks of life engage a coach to improve their performance. Here are some signs you need to engage a coach.

Signs you need a coach
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1.You feel held back and don’t make progress as quickly as you want towards your goals

What could this look like? Maybe you wake up on Monday mornings feeling unmotivated and unexcited with your current job. Or you have a specific goal or dream that you keep putting off, not sure why you never really take the first step towards your goal. It's like the goal is within your subconscious and doesn't ever let itself come out - you are not confident in reaching those specific dreams for some reason. This could be a sign you need a coach.

2.You’ve lost enthusiasm or passion

Something seems to be missing - you don't feel the enthusiasm or passion that you used to. It could be about your career or about your life in general. Maybe you have some clues on what you want to do, but you have never spent enough time reflecting on what you can do, how to achieve it and don't believe it (yet) about going for your goal.

3.You are constantly in your comfort zone and feeling stagnant

Similar to the point above, you're feel unenthusiastic and you know you are in your comfort zone, but you want desperately to get out of it. Perhaps you want to be a better leader, or really go for that promotion at work, but something is stopping you from taking those steps.

4. You’ve gone through a period of transition and are struggling with the change (new job, new culture, new country, divorce etc)

Maybe you've gone through a major transition or disruption in your life and you are struggling with this change. New job? New country? New culture? Something isn't quite right and you need help with your mindset and tools to adjust to the situation.

5. You've been told you need a coach or support

Does your family member or significant other mention that you need support and it could help you? Do your friends tell you about their experiences with coaches when you mention your challenges to them? This could be another sign you may need to hire a coach.

What can a coach do for you?

  • Provide a safe, confidential space to allow you to explore different feelings and topics in your life

  • Identify and understand where you are and how you feel

  • Gain clarity around your direction and its importance

  • Set meaningful goals and commit to actionable plans

  • Help you develop betters skills at work or in your personal life

  • Develop leadership, communication and conflict management skills

  • Move forward and overcome counterproductive behaviours

If you're curious to hear more about my coaching services book a session here

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